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next steps

Well...another no. This is old.

We took a month off and used the money to go on vacation. It wasn't as relaxing as we had hoped (long story) but we weren't temping or peeing or getting blood drawn or counting anything so at least there was that. And we did enjoy our first massages ever. And I got my first tattoo. It is an African symbol that means "Love always finds its way home," and I got it to always remember the baby we lost. I'm still hopeful that that little soul is out there in the universe and will come back to use when it is ready.

We are also taking this cycle off. It wasn't really planned that way but is how the timing worked out. This morning I went to take a class in how to do injections. We are going to start an injectible IUI cycle next month. This, of course, poses higher risk of hyperstimulation and multiple births. But we are going to take things one step at a time. I have good feelings about this. Lots of eggs mean lots of targets.