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going for an egg hunt on Easter

We had an ultrasound and a consult with the doc this morning. She says it looks like we might have three eggs this month! So we go in Sunday morning for what will hopefully be our go ahead ultrasound for the hcg shot. I know I say it every cycle but it sure would be great to have a baby this time!

After the exam we sat with the doctor to talk about what we've tried and where we want to go from here. She said she is willing to go one more Clomid cycle with us and then she thinks we've maxed out any benefits from it. But if all three eggs pop this month, it will be the first time we've had more than one on Clomid. This is egg-citing! *groan*

I do know that if it doesn't work this month, we will take next month off. We are finally going to go on vacation for a few days. It is a must. It has been far too long and we need some time to stare at water fowl. (It sounds like a joke but it seems like every vacation we take we end up sitting by some water watching the birds swim around.) We need some quiet time with nothing scheduled, no counting, no shots, no pills, and some wine! But I'm willing to take nothing scheduled, no counting, no shots, no pills, and a pregnant wife.

Please send good vibes (does anyone read this blog?) for more than one egg so we have a few extra targets for the swimmers.