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We got up early to drive in for the blood test. No CD1 yet so still some hope. But the test came back negative. Damn it. Aren't these blogs supposed to end up with happy endings for people?

My wife tends to withdraw a bit for the first several days after the negative or when her period starts. It is hard on both of us. She worked today and after work headed to spend some time with a friend. I suspect she will spend a few healing hours there today.

I got the info mid-way through a six mile run. I'm training for my next half marathon. I had a hard time finishing and just wanted to quit. But I kept telling myself that I can't give up on everything and all goals in my life because this isn't working out.

Our doctor basically told us that you hit diminishing returns after three cycles on clomid. But I have no idea how much injectibles will cost or if my wife is even interested. What is the difference in terms of cost, office visits, etc. I know our chances of success go up, right?

I try really hard to support her during these time and do everything I can to take care of her and leave her with little else to worry about. But sometimes I feel alone and want someone to take care of me for a change. I don't feel like I can tell her that. And I don't really want to. I know it is harder on her because it is her body. I just wish I could know when this is going to work.