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our latest TWW - 7 DPO

So this cycle we've had an ultrasound on day 3, a round of Clomid, an hcg shot, an IUI, and follow up blood work to be sure she ovulated when it was time. So far everything looks on track.

I'm feeling really hopeful this time. It's dangerous. But we would find out we were pregnant around my wife's birthday and the baby would be due around my birthday.

We switched donors again. We have gone with a whole new bank and a donor we have never used before. I keep looking at his baby picture and trying to meld it with my wife's baby picture. All I know is that we will certainly have one crazy curly-headed baby! I can't wait!

Today is the end of the first week of the two week wait. Our doc is not a fan of HPTs since she says she has seen so many false results. We have a blood pregnancy test scheduled for 14 DPO.